Friday, January 1, 2010

Have you prayed WITH your pastor lately?

Several months ago I had a doctors appointment. I don't love going to the doctor, but I am blessed to have a good believing doc, who is also a ruling elder in a local PCA church, a leader of mission trips, a friend, and one of Aubrey's best faculty members. At the end of the appointment he grabbed my hand and prayed for me. He prayed not only that I would feel better, but for me as a person, my family and my ministry at church. This meant a lot to me. In fact I was surprised how much it meant to me.

As a pastor I pray in all sorts of situations. I often pray for people in one-on-one situations. And I know that many of my people are praying for me. They do so regularly in our small group prayer meetings. But almost never does someone come up to me and simply pray for me, without it being a quid pro quo, I'll-pray-for-you-and-you-pray-for-me sort of thing. And the fact that my doc did this was very encouraging to me. It was pure gift. Pure love.

For anyone with a pastor, think about whether this might be an appropriate way to encourage your pastor.
Pastor Inquivist, that was an, um..... interesting message this morning. Can I pray for you?

Actually, Sunday after the service might not be the best time to take this advice. I can say from both personal experience, and hearing from others, that Sunday afternoons can be a fragile time for pastors, and your good intentions might be misinterpreted. But by all means, Sunday morning before the service, or other times throughout the week, pray WITH your pastor!

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