Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Moose Are Indeed in Need

Thank you for visiting our blog plant! Please grab some coffee, look around, and feel free to join in.

You will notice that we do not have a charismatic leader. Instead, we have two everyday guys - is that equivalent? We are good friends from seminary (graduated in '03), and currently reside in two states (one each), with two wives (one each), and two children (one each). We are both in pastoral ministry, hoping to make a difference in others' lives...and more than that desiring Jesus to make an ever greater difference in our own lives.

This blog is dedicated to ministry, biblical, and theological themes. To put it another way, this blog is dedicated to reflections on God's word and in particular the Hebrew words, opinion pieces concerning church life in our necks of the woods, and a grab bag of interesting and occasionally life & death topics.

I'm glad we're writing this blog together so we can keep things interesting, not to mention keep things going. But I'm more glad that you are here, to join in the discussion.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Do we really need another blog? Aren't there plenty of good ones around already?" The answer is, well, there's not one that fits our particular niche - namely, one written by us. Together. On these topics. Yes, we'll be the first to admit, Jeff does have another blog; and I (Ken) have gone multisite, with a loose affiliation of blogs in various states of health. But this is different... it's a team effort. And we're pretty excited about it.


Adam said...

was already taken?

Ken Shomo said...

Adam, I think that may still be available if you'd like to use it.