Monday, December 21, 2009

Ken's Top 12 in 2009

Following up on Jeff’s top 2.5 books of 2009, I would like to offer what I call “Notable for Ken in 2009.” These are a total of 12 things that were notable to me (I’m Ken) in 2009.

Most Notable Scripture Verse in 2009

1. “But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first” (Rev. 2:4). I was trying to read through Revelation but was stopped in my tracks by this passage and had to pray over it for two days. I underlined it. On the third day, God underlined it too—see below.

Two Notable Sermons in 2009

1. Matt Chandler’s sermon at Advance09. God socked me in the gut with this sermon, which you’ll find online titled as “Preaching the Gospel to the De-Churched.” The message has little to do with that. Instead, Matt Chandler preached to me about Revelation 1:4 and my need for repentance and immediate change.

2. Mark Driscoll’s “Ministry Idolatry,” which followed up on Matt Chandler’s message, and left everyone in the room, including John Piper, deeply convicted and driven to repentance.

Most Notable Sermon Series in 2009

1. 1 Peter by Mark Driscoll. Almost every sermon is worth your time. In any case, my wife and I were each deeply changed this year and one tool the Lord used was Driscoll’s preaching. He seemed to be at the top of his game throughout this series. (Note: I wasn't able to get Jeff Tell's Mark sermons online.)

Two and a Half Notable Books of 2009

1.The Broken Pastor: How the Savior Breaks Leaders to Make Them Truly Whole by Peter Scazzero. You will actually find this excellent book under its current (bland) title, The Emotionally Healthy Church.

2. Come Back, Barbara by Jack Miller. Cheryl and I have read, lent, recommended, and gifted this book numerous times this year. It’s an easy read, but profound. It will make you think deeply about how to pray for your friend/family member who is outside of Christ—but more importantly it will make you examine your own actions and motives.

2.5. A Praying Life by Paul Miller. Another Jeff recommended this book to me, saying, “This is the first book on prayer that didn’t make me feel guilty about my prayer life; it made me want to pray.” I’ve read only half this book but I cannot see how there could be a better book on the market. Cheryl and I are both benefiting tremendously. I only count it as half because I’ve only read half, and because I want to be like Jeff.

Notable Half-Blog of 2009

.5. The Moose are in Need of Reproof. I am only counting this as a half because I must limit my comments to Jeff’s half. Haven’t his posts been good? I sure enjoy them, and they make me a little embarrassed of what I sometimes bring to the table.

Three Notable Words of 2009

1. Anger. (What makes you angry? Is it what makes God angry, or are you just selfish?)
2. Love. (Have you abandoned your first one?)
3. Joy. (What has happened to all your joy?)

There are stories behind all those words. Give me a call and let's talk about them.

Okay, that totals 12 notables.


Jury's Out Book of 2009. Personally, I am not sure why Deep Church is getting so much attention. I mostly agree with the overall vision the author is presenting, but I didn't learn much new. I think the book has some imperfections as well; the chapter on "deep ecclesiology" seems weak (ironically). My wife likes it more than I did, however, so I wonder if the difference involves our backgrounds.

Jury's Out Books of 2010. I would really like to read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. I like the concept, and it looks like an easy read (yet hopefully thought provoking). I'd also like to find out more about Crazy Love by Francis Chan, but I need someone else to read that one and tell me about it.


Jeff said...

Ken - thanks for the shout out.

I look forward to your thoughts on A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I really liked Blue Like Jazz, but have liked each successive Miller book a little bit less. I hope he can regain his form.

Jeff said...

Also - I think you only have 10 notables. or 11 if you count the two halves as wholes.

just goes to show how hard it is not to do a top ten list.

Ken said...


Shhhhhh. Let's wait to see if anyone else notices.


Anonymous said...

Crazy Love is good. It's a quick read, but thought provoking. I think you should read it for yourself.

Connie Ekberg

Joel Pearce said...

I'm not sure what the fuss over Deep Church is, either, though I haven't read it (my info is only coming from secondary sources-excerpts, interviews, summaries, etc.). However, I have heard nothing but praise for A Praying Life, especially couched in the "I'm not sure we need another book on prayer, but..." I wasn't blown away by Miller's previous work (Love Walked Among Us), but I guess it's time to add this one to the list!