Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sin makes you stupid.

One of the most memorable sermons I've heard in recent years was notable for several reasons. It was preached by a ruling elder, on a Sunday when the pastor had to be out on short notice. This elder was not a preacher by trade, he was a carpenter (I seem to remember something about another famous carpenter turned preacher...). The sermon notes were scribbled on the back of an envelope, and the entire sermon was about 15 minutes long.

But, ne'ertheless, it was one of the most edifying and memorable sermons I've heard. It had four main points, and four years later I can still remember what two of them were. Which is an astonishing fact, given how quickly I can forget the main points of even my own sermons!

The sermon was on Daniel 3, the fiery furnace passage. The third point was "Sin makes you stupid." Why else would Nebuchadnezzar arrest and throw into a furnace three men who's names mean "Yahweh is my helper" (Azariah), "Who is what God is?" (Mishael) and "Yahweh is gracious" (Hananiah)?

The fourth point was "There is a fourth man." Nebuchadnezzar threw three men in the furnace, but there was an extra man in there with them. When you think that your situation could not possibly get any worse, remember, there is a fourth man in the furnace with you.

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Jeff said...

Actually, since half, or maybe even both of this blogs readers would know him, I'll go ahead and say, this was a Chris McClellan sermon. Anybody else remember it?